Sat, May 25, 2024 - Sat, December 28, 2024 (11:00 am - 11:45 am)

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Sat, May 25, 2024 - Sat, December 28, 2024 (11:00 am - 11:45 am)
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Ukulele Bootcamp 3 is where we take your ukulele journey to new heights! πŸš€ Let’s uncover the thrilling plan for these 8 sessions:

Class 1 – Conquering F Major Chords: Step into the world of F Major! We’ll explore the unique chords in this scale, expanding your chord repertoire and adding a touch of sophistication to your playing.

Class 2 – Advanced Progressions and Strumming Patterns: Time to level up! Dive into intricate chord progressions and advanced strumming patterns, elevating your musicality and unleashing your creativity.

Class 3 – Play a Song in F Major: Apply your skills to a captivating song in the warm embrace of F Major. It’s time to create music that resonates with emotion and expression.

Class 4 – Journey into G Major Chords: Venture into the bright and uplifting realm of G Major! Learn the chords that define this scale, adding a new layer of depth to your musical palette.

Class 5 – Play a Song in G Major: Let the melodies of G Major sing through your ukulele! Master a song that captures the essence of this scale, showcasing your growing proficiency.

Class 6 – Musical Pause (No class specified): A moment to reflect and practice before delving into the next chapter.

Class 7 – A Major Progressions and Song: Shifting gears to A Major! Discover chord progressions that resonate with this scale, setting the stage for a captivating song that showcases the magic of A Major.

Class 8 – B Major Progressions and Song Finale: The grand finale is here! Explore the unique chords and progressions in the scale of B Major, culminating in the mastery of a beautiful song that brings together all you’ve learned.

Get ready for a musical adventure filled with rich chords, intricate progressions, and soul-stirring melodies. Are you excited to continue your ukulele journey into Grade 3? 🎢✨




Why Choose Our Courses?

Structured Learning: Unlike the often unfocused nature of monthly memberships, our courses provide a detailed class plan tailored to your goals.
Goal-Oriented Approach: We ensure each session directly contributes to your musical ambitions, a contrast to the generic approach of memberships.
Quality over Quantity: Our emphasis is on quality instruction and resources, which monthly models with variable engagement and consistency can’t always guarantee.

Looking forward to being a part of your musical journey.

Why Rethink Monthly music courses?

Avoid Inefficiency: Monthly memberships can lead to scattered learning without a clear path, potentially wasting time and money without achieving specific goals.
Beware of Generic Content: These plans often offer one-size-fits-all content, which might not cater to your unique aspirations or skill level.
Risk of Underutilization: There’s a risk of not fully utilizing all the resources offered in a monthly plan, leading to a sense of being taken for a ride.

Investing in our courses is an investment in a structured, goal-oriented, and personalized musical journey.
We’re here to discuss any concerns and explore payment options that work for you.
Let’s make every note count in your musical education.

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Ukuelel Bootcamp 3



Ukulele Bootcamp, 4 weeks, 8 sessions of 45 minutes each.

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