Guitar Explorers guide (Weekday)

Fri, December 29, 2023

29 Friday

Guitar Explorers guide (Weekday)

Fri, December 29, 2023
My School Of Rock


🎸 Guitar Groove: A Guitar Discovery Workshop- 90 Mintues 1 to 1

Unleash your inner guitarist at our exclusive workshop, where we bring you a harmonious blend of fretboard mastery and musical creativity! 🌟

🎶 What to Expect: 1. Finger Strengthening Exercises:

  • Spider Walk Exercise: This involves moving your fingers up and down the fretboard like a spider, helping with finger independence and strength.
  1. Music Theory:
  • Note Names on the Fretboard: Understanding where each note is on the fretboard is crucial
  1. Learn Basic Chord Shapes:
  • Open Chords: Teach common open chords like C, G, D . Emphasize proper finger placement and switching between these chords smoothly.
  1. Simple Strumming Techniques:
  • Downstrokes and Upstrokes: Ensure participants understand the basics of strumming in both directions. Practice with simple chord progressions.
  1. Jam on Songs:
  • Easy Song Selection: Choose songs with basic chord progressions
  • Jamming Exercises: Encourage participants to jam together using the chords and strumming patterns they’ve learned.

🤘 Workshop Highlights:

  • FretMaster Sessions: Elevate your playing with finger-strengthening exercises and explore the secrets of the fretboard.
  • ChordCraft 101: Unlock the magic of chords, from basic shape.Learn to create captivating chord progressions that form the backbone of countless songs.
  • Strum & Jam: Immerse yourself in the world of strumming with easy-to-follow techniques. Jam on popular songs, applying your newfound skills in a supportive and fun environment.

🎉 Why Attend?

  • Expert Guidance: Our seasoned instructors bring years of experience, ensuring you receive top-notch guidance and insights.
  • Interactive Learning: This isn’t just a workshop; it’s a musical adventure! Engage in hands-on activities, group jams, and collaborative learning.
  • Take Home Skills: Walk away with a toolkit of skills, from fretboard knowledge to strumming prowess, ready to enhance your musical journey.

📅 Event Details:

  • Date: Weekday only from the schedule booked
  • Time: 90 Minutes
  • Location: My School Of Rock

🎟️ Limited Seats Available! Reserve Your Spot Now

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to sculpt your own musical journey 🎵✨


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Strings n Strums - 90 Minutes guitar workshop

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