Fingerstyle Mastery: Guitar & ukulele essentials

Mon, May 27, 2024 - Mon, December 30, 2024

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Fingerstyle Mastery: Guitar & ukulele essentials

Mon, May 27, 2024 - Mon, December 30, 2024
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Unlock the mesmerizing world of fingerstyle music with our exclusive 90-minute workshop, tailored for both guitar and ukulele enthusiasts! Whether you’re a beginner eager to delve into the basics or an intermediate player looking to refine your skills, this workshop is the perfect opportunity

Dive deep into the art of fingerstyle, exploring essential techniques such as forward and reverse arpeggios, the seamless blending of both, and the intricacies of various chord shapes.

Workshop Schedule:

1. Introduction 

  • Welcome and workshop overview.
  • Brief discussion on the role of arpeggios in fingerstyle playing for guitar and ukulele.

2. Basics of Fingerstyle Technique 

  • Overview of hand positioning and posture for both instruments.
  • Introduction to basic fingerpicking patterns.
  • Exercise to develop finger independence and control.

3. Understanding Arpeggios 

  • Explanation of what arpeggios are and their importance in music.
  • Differentiating between forward and reverse arpeggios.
  • Basic exercises for practicing forward arpeggios on both guitar and ukulele.

4. Mastering Reverse Arpeggios

  • Technique and practice for reverse arpeggios.
  • Demonstration and practice session with simple exercises.
  • Tips on smoothness and speed.

5. Combining Forward and Reverse Arpeggios

  • Techniques to seamlessly combine forward and reverse arpeggios.
  • Practicing transitions between the two types.
  • Group exercise with a focus on combining arpeggios in a musical context.

6. Chord Shapes and Arpeggios

  • Exploring different chord shapes relevant to fingerstyle.
  • Applying arpeggios to various chord shapes.
  • Exercise: Creating a short piece using chord shapes and arpeggios.

7. Applying Techniques to Songs 

  • Brief overview of how to incorporate these techniques into songs.
  • Selecting appropriate songs for fingerstyle arpeggio play.

8. Q&A, Wrap-Up, and Resources

  • Addressing any remaining questions.
  • Summarizing key points from the workshop.
  • Providing resources for further practice and learning.

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Fingerstyle Mastery: Guitar & ukulele essentials


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Fingerstyle Mastery: Guitar & ukulele essentials - 90 MINS

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