Cajon Rhythms: From basics to beats

Sat, December 30, 2023

30 Saturday

Cajon Rhythms: From basics to beats

Sat, December 30, 2023
My School Of Rock


Discover the Joy of Cajon: Join Our Vibrant 90-Minute Workshop Cajon Rhythms: From Basics to Beats at My School Of Rock.


90 Minutes


  • Introduce the cajon, its history, and anatomy.
  • Teach basic playing techniques including bass, mid, and slap tones.
  • Introduce fundamental rhythms and grooves.
  • Explore different musical styles and advanced techniques.

Workshop Outline:


  • Brief history of the cajon
  • Anatomy of the cajon and understanding its parts​​.

Basics of Playing :

Correct playing posture​​.

  • Introduction to bass, mid, and slap tones​​.
  • Basic hand exercises for tone development.

Rhythm and Groove Basics

  • Learning  the exercise for tone and technique improvement​​.
  • Introduction to basic 4/4 groove​​.

Exploring Different Styles

  • Rock grooves on the cajon​​.
  • Flamenco rumba
  • Reggae rhythms
  • Waltz and 3/4 grooves for versatility​​.

Advanced Techniques

  • Introduction to ghost notes and fills​​.
  • 16th-beat fast rock

Additional Skills

  • Changing the pitch of the cajon and finger techniques​​.
  • Paradiddle patterns​​.


  • Q&A session.
  • Encouraging practice and exploration beyond the workshop.

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Cajon Rhythms: From basics to beats


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Cajon Rhythms: From bascis to beats:90 Minutes

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Saturday, December 30, 2023

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm  

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