Only Sex Jokes (Adults Only)

Sat, August 26, 2023 (10:00 pm - 11:15 pm)

26 Saturday

Only Sex Jokes (Adults Only)

Sat, August 26, 2023 (10:00 pm - 11:15 pm)
Happy High Delhi


If you are up for a night filled with laughter, double entendre, and dirty talk, this show is for you. Of course, you need to have a good sense of humour and be open-minded. Just  remember to leave all inhibitions at the door.

In conclusion, sex is no longer that unspeakable word and the jokes shared around it are mostly positive and uplifting. These comedians are pushing the envelope and in a country like India, it is exhilarating to see them break down the barriers on previously taboo topics.

Join us for a nastiest-filled evening with comedy and laugh.

The lineup is subject to change.

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