01 Sunday

Mangalore Alive

Sun, October 1, 2023 (5:00 pm - 11:00 pm)
Adyar Gardens, Mangalore
Adyar, opp. Sahyadri collage, Adyar, Mangaluru, Adyar, Karnataka 575007, India



Let’s Paint the Town with Music at #MangaloreAlive!

Get ready to sway, dance, and lose yourself in a night of pure magic!

Thaikkudam Bridge, Alva Kuuto, Thakara, and Bevar Sea are all set to create history at Adyar Gardens on October 1st, 2023 a Sunday.

Don’t let this musical extravaganza pass you by – grab your tickets and become a part of something legendary! 

Thaikkudum Bridge:

Call them the maestros who have shattered the norms and redefined what it means to create music. Their music pulsates with the rhythm of cultural heritage, infusing traditional elements with contemporary beats to create a genre-defying sound that resonates with audiences of all ages. The band’s dynamic performances are a fusion of eclectic melodies, powerful vocals, and mesmerizing instrumentation, weaving stories of love, life, and everything in between.

From the very first note, Thaikkudam Bridge enchants listeners with their soul-stirring compositions. Their hit songs like “Fish Rock,” “Navarasam,” and “Nostalgia” aren’t just tunes; they’re emotional journeys that take you through the highs and lows of life. Whether you’re looking to dance your heart out or reflect on the depths of existence, their music is a companion for every mood.

Come and be a part of this musical odyssey as Thaikkudum Bridge takes you on a journey that blurs the lines between the past and the present, uniting hearts through the universal language of music.


Found by James Thakara in 2012, THAKARA is a dynamic 5 piece band, distinct to the core in feel, energy and content. With a strong intent for simplicity, Thakara’s songs are lovingly made, gorgeous- sounding projects, melodious, raw and real in its own way.

The band is famous for their ‘all time hits’ like “Puttu Paattu”, “Pravasi”, “Podi Pennae”, etc. With soulful music powered by content, intent and clarity, ‘Thakara’ is a college circuit favourite, and also attracts great crowds at music festivals.

A truthful concern to understand and portray the common man in his personal, official, social, spiritual, and political scenarios; their sheer joys and struggles there, generally goes into the soul of a Thakara song.

Crisscrossing the alternative ambient folk rock domains for over a decade, Thakara is unabashedly simple, with a vocal-heavy content, enveloped in a diverse soundscape, which resonates with your inner rhythms.

The ‘Live’ Set List of Thakara is a vibrant blast of good music that goes psychedelic at times, rocking when you least expect it, and simply catchy and melodic when the list touches its famous chart toppers. If you have an ear for good music, one day or the other you are sure to #GetThakarified!

Bevar Sea:

Dive into the sonic depths with Bevar Sea, a band that conjures a whirlwind of musical brilliance. Hailing from Bengaluru, their music is a heady brew of stoner, doom, and sludge metal, a potent concoction that transports listeners to a realm where heaviness reigns supreme. Bevar Sea’s sound is a journey through mesmerizing riffs that crawl like molasses and vocals that roar like thunder. With each track, they weave a spellbinding narrative that explores both the crushing weight of distortion and the euphoria of melodic intricacies. From their arsenal of hits, songs like “The Smiler” and “Abishtu” stand tall as titans of their discography, monuments to their ability to craft anthems that resonate with the soul. Bevar Sea doesn’t just create music; they forge a pilgrimage for listeners, an odyssey into the heart of primal, unbridled rock intensity.

Alva Kuuto

Meet Praveen Alva, the creative force behind Alva Kuuto, whose soul-stirring songs in the enchanting Tulu language have captured hearts worldwide. From ‘Prarthaney’ to ‘Ninna Suttaya,’ his music delves into the depths of emotion, taking you on a journey through the landscapes of his coastal hometown.

Alva Kuuto, meaning ‘Alva’s collective/group,’ is a musical odyssey that combines tradition and modernity. With Praveen Alva’s emotive vocals and acoustic guitar leading the way, backed by Abhilash Shet’s bass guitar, Anshuman Upadhyay’s drums, and Siddharth Pradeep’s electric guitar, they promise a night of musical storytelling like no other.

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Sunday, October 1, 2023

5:00 pm - 11:00 pm  

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